Display Custom Challenge Coins with Pride Using Top Quality Display Sets

Posted by Kenneth Sullivan on December 19, 2015 in Business | Short Link

People who have collected custom challenge coins won’t just leave them in shelves collecting dusts. They will proudly display them at homes or their offices as memorabilia of their time in the frontlines. These displays are often seen in military officials and government officials’ offices as part of their credentials.

To have wonderful displays, here are some of the best display options that will let you display your coins with pride:

Wooden coin displays

Wooden coin displays are like flat wooden platforms for display. Using additional stands, you can place your coins and let them stand on the platform while displaying them in your room or offices.

The benefit of this feature is wood material used for the main display is top quality that will last for a long time. It has polished surface, made from real wood materials, and not only laminated corkwood. Due to its quality, they serve as ideal wood display that will match your coin’s value.

Tiered coin displays

Also made from wood materials, tiered coin displays look like miniature stairs for coin displays. You can place custom challenge coins on your chosen levels to achieve the design or presentation that you want.

Since they are tiered, you don’t have to worry about placing your coins because they will remain in place without additional stands. The tiered levels will serve as their supporting stands, ensuring they won’t slide off their places. Just like the flat platform, tiered stands are made from top caliber polished wood to highlight your pride of your coin pieces.

Leather coin holders

Custom Challenge CoinsLeather coin holders serve as individual holders for coins. Made from top quality leather material, they can come in square or circle-shaped pieces that will hold a single coin. The good thing about this feature is it keeps the back part of the coin from accumulating dust since they are cradled into place.

Another advantage is the leather material serves as cushion that keep your coins from dents while on display. Even if the coin holder falls off their shelves, they will keep the coin inside due to their snug fit and will protect your prized items from damages.

Choosing between the square and circle coin holder depends on your preferences and the space you will allot for coins. Circle-shaped holders are recommended if you want to save space because of the smaller area used for storing around the coin.

Wood coin displays

Wood coin displays are like mini boxes used for presenting custom challenge coins. This display option’s main benefit is its elegant appearance will certainly look great for display. Made from polished wood, this box looks great on any shelf. It also has a cover that protects coins from accumulating dust. Open the top cover if you want guests to see the stored coin inside of it.

Its disadvantage, however, is high risk of being scratched due to its polished wood surface. It will protect the coin in case it falls off, but the damage sustained on the box will be noticeable.

Velvet coin case

Just like wood, this display option for custom challenge coins is a simple box lined with velvet material. The shiny velvet appearance serves as an elegant piece that you will absolutely love to display and guests will find it mesmerizing.

While its benefits are almost the same with wood coin case, velvet case stands out for its ability to promote extra protection. Velvet fabric on case will keep the box from scratches, as it serves as cushion that will regulate shocked received from accidents.

Displaying your custom challenge coins starts by choosing the best display options according to your needs. Keep in mind, however, that not all service providers may offer these add-ons. Furthermore, being special display options mean you need to spend more money on them, which is insignificant if you’re after extra protection and displaying your prized coins with pride.

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