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Posted by Brett Ronald on February 23, 2016 in Product | Short Link

Custom lanyards are useful around school grounds. They can be used to identify students from certain fields of study in college, organizations, interest groups, and others. Custom lanyards can also feature the school’s logo and mascot which makes it great for students to show their school spirit. Lanyards are also frequently seen as holders of the students’ school IDs, especially for schools which require students to show their IDs at all times within the school premises.

Teachers also benefit from custom lanyards. A common example would be gym teachers. They use lanyards to attach their whistles and stopwatches. Teachers are also commonly found to have a number of keys hanging around their neck on a lanyard.

A lanyard would be useful during school field trips. It makes it easier to keep track of the students if they are all wearing a custom lanyard, like the school lanyard, for example. It also ensures the places being visited that one particular person is a student and is part of the tour or class. It would also make it easy for security to identify the students. Sometimes, there are parent volunteers who help oversee a field trip, and they would be able to learn the students’ names through their identification on their lanyards. It can also be helpful for students who tend to wander off to easily find their fellow students easily by way of the custom lanyards.

Custom lanyards can also be used as giveaways by interest groups and other school organizations.

This is so that students wearing their lanyards can be affiliated with that particular group or organization. Students will usually wear this around the campus, which makes it easy for other students to know that they are part of a certain interest group, in case they have any inquiries regarding that group. Also, some students can be seen with multiple lanyards around their necks, holding their IDs, their phone, or other items.

When there are events in school, especially those with third-parties involved, a custom lanyard can be made and given to the teachers and students involved in organizing the event. This is useful during the early stages to identify who are part of which committee. During the event proper, the lanyards are used to identify those who are official, and are the ones to be given access to certain areas of the event venue. It is also helpful for the third-parties to know who to talk to in case they have any questions; this also goes for students who are attending the event.

Custom lanyardsLanyards are also great for fundraisers. Whether it is a fundraiser organized by the school itself, or by interest groups or organizations within, it is a great way to showcase their lanyards. It is also a good way for the institution or organization to earn some money. Want more details about the lanyards visit

Some institutions also have student political parties. These parties usually give away lanyards with their party lanyard colors, logo, and slogan to raise the awareness of students. Political parties can also see how much of the students show support for their party by way of the lanyards.

As can be seen, lanyards are very helpful in school, as they have a lot of uses for students and teachers alike. One can go to a school campus and find students everywhere sporting a lanyard of some sort. What’s more, students love lanyards, and are not just wearing them to show their affiliation to a group or the school. Why not? with its multiple uses, students can hang more than just their school IDs. They can also, if allowed, hang their cellphones or other gadgets.

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